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Naipu Pump

As a professional pump manufacturer,we always stick to the principle of technology and quality comes first. At NAIPU PUMP, we strictly adhere to the ISO9001 Standard and CE Certificate and other industry standards as requests.

We have Inspection center, which has the mechanical laboratory,chemical laboratory,measuring chamber of surveying and mapping,and others.We have more than 20 sets advanced equipment,with metal material testing and the production process quality monitoring,measuring instruments calibration and product research and development of surveying and mapping missions.

We set various check points along the whole production line,which throughout Raw Material,Charging Material,Surface and Heat Treatment checking,Material Analysis,Spare Testing and Pump Testing etc.

About the Pump Testing,the hydraulic performance test station we uses computer to complete the form test and the factory test.Test Bench Test System using the computer to accomplish the automatic control,automatic collection test parameters and real-time processing,the test data contains the whole test process of all kinds of pump and motor and test report could be output once the test finished.

We can provide QA and QC records such as “Spectrum Detection” “Metallographic Microscope Inspection” “ Block Test ” “ Ultrasonic Flaw Detection ” “ Penetration Testing”etc. And related test reports to our clients if necessary, such as “ Material Test Report ”  “ Dimensional Test Report ”  “ Rotor Balancing Test Report ”   “ NDT Test Report ” “ Pump Hydraulic Performance Test ” etc.

In brief ,we take every processing of the quality control strictly,ensure that each pump and spare to enjoy excellent quality and reliable performance.




Raw Material Inspectiom Room

Raw Material Inspection

The temperature of molten iron is measured by temperature gun

The composition of the casting is detected by spectrometer

Metallographic inspection of castings

Inspection of Mechanical properties of castings

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