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NP-CVAX Hydrocyclone

  • Nom d'article: NP-CVAX Hydrocyclone
  • Numéro d'article: 1091406496496504832
  • Pump Type: Centrifugal
  • Drvie Type: DC
  • Power: Motor/ Diesel
  • Description du produit
  • 参数
  • The Naipu® CVX hydrocyclone consists of a cast housing lined with a variety of wear-resistant materials such as rubber, ceramic, polyurethane among others. The CVX is designed to provide exceptional performance together with strength and corrosion resistance. With sizes from 40mm to 1200mm diameter. 
    Classification and Separation (Mining)
    Mine Dewatering Systems
    Tailings Management
    Classification and Separation (Aggregates)
    Models 100, 150, 250 and 400 features
    • Fibre reinforced plastic casing (FRP)
    • Snap fit, replaceable elastomer liners and ceramic lining available
    • Stainless steel quick release clamp fasteners
    • Polyurethane or hyperchrome vortex finders
    • Elastomer, urethane or ceramic spigots
    • Moulded HDPE overflow pipe 
    • Can also be manufactured with cast metal housings
    Models 500, 650, 700 and 800 
    •Fabricated steel or cast ductile iron casings
    • Replaceable elastomer liners up to 45mm thick. Ceramic lining available.
    • Elastomer vortex finders
    • Elastomer or ceramic spigots
    • Elastomer lined steel overflow pipe or ‘Air Core Booster’ cap available
  • MODEL NAME  PART NO. Material 
    150CVAX Liner 06018CVX NR55
    Liner 06035CVX-41 NR55
    Cone 06004C-6 NR55
    Cone 06004C2 NR55
    Over Flow Vale 06064C17 NR55
    Over Flow Vale 06064C20 NR55
    Over Flow Vale 06064C25 NR55
    Over Flow Vale 06064C30 NR55
    Over Flow Vale 06064C35 NR55
    250CVAX Liner 10018CVX NR55
    Liner 10035CVX73 NR55
    Liner 10035CVX61 NR55
    Cone 10004C NR55
    Cone 06004C NR55
    Over Flow Vale 10064C54 NR55
    Over Flow Vale 10064C59 NR55
    Over Flow Vale 10064C64 NR55
    Over Flow Vale 10064C70 NR55
    400CVAX Liner 15018CVX NR55
    Liner 15035CVX111 NR55
    Liner 15035CVX94 NR55
    Cone 15004C NR55
    Over Flow Vale 15064C70 NR55
    Over Flow Vale 15064C80 NR55
    Over Flow Vale 15064C90 NR55
    Over Flow Vale 15064C100 NR55
    500CVAX Liner 50018CVX NR55
    Liner 50035CVX NR55
    Cone 20004C NR55
    Over Flow Vale 20064R90 NR55
    Over Flow Vale 50080CVX185 NR55
    650CVAX Over Flow Vale 65018C160 NR55
    Liner 65018CVX NR55
    Liner 65035CVX NR55
    Cone 65004ACVX NR55
    Cone 6504BCVX NR55
    100CVX Liner 06018CVX NR55
    Liner 06035CVX-41 NR55


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